447 Rue Carnot
Le Portel, Hauts-de-France, 62480

Practical advice



Maintenance of materials

  • The microfiber leather look: gently pass, without rubbing a sponge slightly moistened with soapy water (use a neutral soap) and wipe carefully with a soft, clean cloth.

  • The suede look microfiber: gently brush the shoes with a soft brush or dust with a flannel fabric.

  • To remove traces of limescale, dab with a cloth soaked in vinegar slightly diluted in water then wipe a damp (moist) cloth to rinse. Let dry.

  • To remove grease stains, use « terre de Sommières » (Montmorillonite), let it sit and penetrate for 1 hour. Gently wipe with a soft cloth.

  • Do not dry near a radiator heating or in the sun.

  • Do not use cleaning products containing solvents. Only use waterproof sprays for synthetic fabric and suede.