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Vegan Philosophy

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Vegan Philosophy

Valentina Roman, a professional stylist, a vegetarian who became vegan, created the VALENTINA ROMAN STUDIO vegan footwear brand with the aim of proposing an alternative and a fashionable product, respecting animals and the environment

Sensitive or not to the animal cause, no one today can ignore the mistreatment that we humans inflict on animals (intensive breeding, vivisection, furs, entertainment with animals, zoos ...). To this are added the environmental problems that affect our health and our well-being all over the world.

Buying vegan is to buy with full knowledge of the facts, it is to refuse the exploitation, the suffering and the death of millions of animals as well as being a way to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Change is in our choices.

The materials and accessories used for the production of the items have been selected by Italian producers and suppliers. VALENTINA ROMAN STUDIO works in close collaboration with the artisans of Northern Italy for their know-how, their seriousness and notoriety.


The vegan materials

The microfibers used for this collection have been chosen for their qualities and contain no animal products.

The microfibre leather look is water repellent, breathable, resistant and solvent-free.

The suede look microfibre is a high quality product certified ISO 9002, soft, soft, breathable, water repellent, easy to maintain.

The lining, absorbent, breathable soft, lightweight and antibacterial, is approved by the APMA.

The soles are rubber.

The heels are polystyrene or masonite.

Glues are water based.

Cardboard shoe boxes are recyclable.

In the concern to be in agreement with its own values ALENTINA ROMAN STUDIO does its utmost to propose an ethical product. This product will be a constant evolution thanks to the development of ever more efficient and less polluting materials.